BJ's Gul-licious Backyard BBQ

Where the sauce .... is NOT the boss!

Restaurant Mgr/Exec Chef-Kenneth "ChefKen" Gregory, II 
is a graduate of L’Ecole  Culinaire - St. Louis, with over ten years of professional foodservice experience.  His roots in preparing dishes goes back to helping is grandmother in the kitchen as a child and working in the family catering business in his youth. ChefKen also shares his gifts and along with "BJ"  to help the less fortunate. He and "BJ" can be found passing out BBQ to homeless people, giving free food to children during the summer months.

FOUNDER/CEO -Bernie L "BJ" Gray, Jr.  

BJ’s “Gul”-licious Backyard BBQ, LLC is the concept and passion of  CEO/Founder Bernie “BJ” Gray, Jr., a talented individual, astute business man and avid Grill Master.  He has taken his passion for barbecuing and turned it into a fast growing following of loyal barbecue loving fans, some of them from out of state.  He would say that his driving force is his loving and supportive wife,and working business partner, Stephanie Gray. His cheering section which is comprised of his #1 fans, his children "LJ" and TheKaya, are his driving force. BJ is passionate about his craft. His success in the last 3 years is proof that he puts quality and excellence into practice as he operates BJ’s “Gul”-licious Backyard BBQ.  He does not neglect either, his love for his fellow man and those suffering or going without in St. Louis. You can find him and ChefKen, at random times feeding or sharing acts of kindness for the less fortunate in the Metro St. Louis area.

The Grays are active members of Ark of Safety Christian Church.

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